Australia gets its first dedicated platform for fintech jobs

Australia gets its first dedicated platform for fintech jobs

By Elizabeth Barry, Editor,

The site has been launched to fill a gap in the fintech market.

The Australian fintech sector now has a dedicated platform through which to source local talent as well as apply for fintech jobs. The team behind Australian FinTech have this week launched the employment platform, Australian FinTech Jobs, to better service the sector when it comes to finding talent.

Founder and CEO Cameron Dart, who was recently named as one of’s Top 25 Fintech Influencers, said the platform seeks to service all areas of employment.

“When people think of ‘fintech’ in relation to employment, they might initially think of just ‘finance’ or just ‘technology’ jobs,” Dart said, “but it’s much bigger and broader than that.”

“In addition to the obvious finance and tech roles, there are multiple sub-sectors of those industries, as well as typical roles for any business like marketing, legal and compliance, accounting, HR, front office and back office opportunities.”

“And on top of all that there are CEOs, CIOs, COOs and numerous experts required in various fields like FX, share trading, blockchain and cryptocurrency, just to name a few.”

To create the platform, Dart spoke to various people in the Australian fintech community including founders and CEOs and those from startups and ASX-listed companies.

According to Dart, the problems that were most often encountered were job advertisements becoming lost on large employment sites, too many people applying, or the majority of applicants being unqualified.

“I was also told that a plumber applied for one job saying ‘yeah, I could be a programmer’,” Dart said.

Dart believes that a dedicated employment site for the Australian fintech industry will assist those that are struggling to find talent and also those that are looking for work in the sector.

“For this type of niche industry, we believe – and market research has told us – that a dedicated platform is much better than a ‘scatter gun’ approach like larger employment websites,” he says.

This latest launch from Australian FinTech follows on from the launch of the team’s international “Linkedin for fintech” platform in February.

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