Bitstocks launches crowdfunding campaign

Bitstocks launches crowdfunding campaign

In a strong opening move for 2021, Hackney-based fintech scale-up Bitstocks has today publicly launched its first-ever crowdfunding campaign – to advance the development of their bitcoin financial ecosystem, Gravity.

Their initial three days of private crowdfunding, through the CrowdCube investment platform, has been met with resounding interest from backers in both the cryptocurrency and fintech industries, punching through the company’s initial target of £500,000 and putting them into overfunding for the public launch.

The launch of Bitstocks crowdfunding comes as the bitcoin market continues it’s 9-month price rally, with prices for Bitcoin Core (BTC) reaching over $38,000 (£27,000) on some exchanges this week.

Michael Hudson, CEO, says: “We’ve seen a huge surge of activity on Gravity since October – transaction volumes were up 50% MoM in November, and again almost 39% MoM in December. We’ve also had a fantastic response to our referral programme, Gravity Introducers – which allows customers to earn a percentage of the transaction fees from anyone they introduce with their unique link, for life.”

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Source: Bitstocks launches crowdfunding campaign