Everything you need to know about FinTech

Everything you need to know about FinTech

The term “Fintech” is an extremely broad term, as the field has exploded as of recent times. And the following infographic was meant to cover the field in a broad sense, there are many topics within Fintech that could each be discussed in much greater detail than we are able to do with the limited time and space we have available, or that you would probably have time for. In short, Fintech stands for “Financial Technology” and it speaks to technology which deals specifically with financial services & financial products. You want to talk about digital cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin & Ether… Fintech. You want to talk about the blockchains that make them possible… Fintech. You want to talk about ATM machines… Fintech!

In general, Fintech has been driving the financial market into the future with technology. Faster payments, better safety protocols, new ways of thinking about money, and much more, are all being innovated by companies within the Fintech industry.

As new breakthroughs in the industry happen and take off with success, more and more innovations must happen to accomodate them and to spring off of their success, as did happen with the advent of Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology behind it. Suddenly, a few years later, we have companies creating newer and easier ways for businesses to accept Bitcoin, we have innovations within Bitcoin itself, we have the rise of many different cryptocurrencies, the rise of a new blockchain platform, such as Ethereum, expos and conferences dedicated to driving these and other innovations forward, new regulations and definitions needing to be created, and much more.

DinarDirham for example, is the result of a culmination of the dreams of eGold and the coming of blockchain technology, which was not previously available, and which solves many problems from before which were harder if not impossible to address. DinarDirham is a gold fintech provider, in other words, we offer gold-backed digital products/assets to our customers. We hope that our innovative company will help change the way people buy and interact with gold, and will do so digitally… digital gold. We’re just a small example of an innovative company spring boarding off of the success of other fintech breakthroughs. Just visit our site and see the partners and technologies we’ve incorporated into our company, and you’ll get a bit more of an appreciation for Fintech, and the intertwining of new financial technologies that make a new innovation possible.


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Source: Everything You Need To Know About FinTech – ValueWalk