FinTech North and NayaOne launch digital sandbox and fintech marketplace to foster innovation

FinTech North and NayaOne launch digital sandbox and fintech marketplace to foster innovation

FinTech North have announced a new partnership with global digital sandbox provider NayaOne, which will see the two organisations build a dedicated marketplace for Northern FinTechs to showcase their capabilities, access datasets and test ideas.

The new platform, which will launch this summer, will provide an exclusive environment for the FinTech North community to collaborate, build products and find customers – directly responding to some of the challenges regional FinTechs face. Access to the platform will be free of charge for the FinTech North community.

The decision to launch the marketplace follows research conducted by FinTech North which found that 72% of Northern FinTechs would value a regional directory and 68% were looking for collaboration and partnership opportunities.

Northern FinTechs and financial services corporates will benefit in two main ways:

  1. Access publicly available and synthetic datasets via the NayaOne Data Marketplace.
  2. Access APIs and potential partners via the new FinTech North marketplace, and NayaOne’s Enterprise Marketplace – the largest FinTech product and service marketplace in Europe.

Once registered, each firm will have a tile on the Fintech North marketplace which includes a description of capability plus connection documentation to enable technical connections, helping members of the community collaborate with their peers.

All users will also have access to NayaOne’s Data marketplace – 100+ public and synthetic datasets, including consumer and business transaction data – to help the community test and validate solutions.

Joe Roche, Engagement Manager at FinTech North, said, “We are delighted to announce our new partnership with NayaOne, which we believe will be warmly welcomed by FinTechs and established financial services firms alike. This partnership will help to address two of the main business issues faced by northern FinTechs and entrepreneurs: access to data and establishing connections with established financial services corporates.”

Kris Dickinson, Director of Finanical Services at NayaOne, added, “NayaOne is very proud to be partnering with FinTech North to support this dynamic community of FinTechs to build product and discover partners and clients. Fostering innovation in financial services is at the heart of what we do at NayaOne and success demands collaboration and connection across all regions of the UK. The marketplace for FinTech North is a foundation stone in that journey.”