Fintech provider ParagonEX announced a fully customizable trading platform

Fintech provider ParagonEX announced a fully customizable trading platform

Financial technology leader ParagonEX announced that it is launching a fully customizable trading platform, allowing its broker clients to decide on every detail of the platform’s look and feel. The customization will feature every element of the trading platform, which will allow for endless customization, per broker or per end user.

The new platform will allow each broker to have a unique appearance, displaying elements of their choosing, thus not only creating a distinct brand identity, but also catering to the profile and mix of their end users.

Default views will be available, allowing brokers to display standard items and information, but customization is available both on the broker and the end-user level. With elements such as  Charts, News, Asset Views, Signals, Crowd Sentiment and an Alert Panel, brokers can create a unique trading experience for their clients, while emphasising items important to them.

ParagonEX CEO, Simon Duggan said, “With a limited number of platform providers, brokers are beginning to look very similar to one another, creating difficulties not only in maintaining a clear brand identity, but also in providing different end users with different trading experiences. It is clear that with micro segmenting and targeting, brokers would need to display diverse elements to clients, and ParagonEX stepped up to the plate by creating this”.

The new platform is currently being released for existing ParagonEX clients, and is expected to be rolled out for the entire network within a few weeks.