FinTech Scotland announces partnership with FinTechNZ

FinTech Scotland announces partnership with FinTechNZ

Last week, FinTech Scotland announced its first partnership with New Zealand fintech hub, FinTechNZ. According to the Scotland hub, FinTechNZ is The New Zealand Financial Innovation & Technology Association. It is a working group focused on delivering economic growth in New Zealand through financial innovation. Slightly older than FinTech Scotland they have a member base of just more than 100. It also works closely with the New Zealand government to offer guidance on policies and regulations.

While sharing more details about the partnership, FinTech Scotland stated it is looking to develop a network with other international hubs and several reasons have motived the organization in doing so, which are the following:

  • Other hubs are not competition, but partners FinTech Scotland are keen to include in its network.
  • FinTech Scotland was created to be up to date with what’s happening around the world, identify collaboration opportunities and develop a unique offering.


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Source: FinTech Scotland Announces Partnership With FinTechNZ | Crowdfund Insider