GreenGrowth launches an innovative carbon footprint-based investment platform

GreenGrowth launches an innovative carbon footprint-based investment platform

GreenGrowth has become the latest UK fintech start-up to enter the world of sustainable investments with Thursday 14th July seeing the launch of its brand new app.

Available to download on Apple and Android, GreenGrowth allows users to invest in underlying sustainable funds across a range of 5 impactful, environmental themes such as clean energy and sustainable agriculture.

Their mission is to give people’s money the greatest personal impact.  After measuring a user’s carbon footprint via an in-app questionnaire, the user can then invest into corresponding environmentally-themed funds, weighting them more heavily into the areas they are most polluting.  Alternatively, investors can select themes that tackle their particular environmental objectives.

GreenGrowth feel they are in a position to make waves in this sector and that their more personalised approach sets them apart from the current market.

They launch on the back of crowdfunding over £300,000 from hundreds of investors and with a growing CV of industry recognition in their short lifetime.  They hope to build a loyal following of early adopters with plans for continued growth into 2023.

GreenGrowth CEO, Chris Webb said, “Sustainable investing is broken, and we’re here to help fix it. Full of confusing ‘ESG’ ratings and cookie cutter portfolios, we want to make the industry personalised, impactful and transparent. We’re delighted to be able to launch our app and can’t wait to get to work helping people to invest in a climate-positive way.  We believe there has been no better time for people to use their investments to help tackle the biggest environmental challenges.

“Ours is a message of positivity. We’re aware that the climate emergency is the kind of thing that keeps people awake at night.  It can make us feel powerless, but the fact is; where you invest your money can be one of the most effective ways in helping to tackle the climate emergency. It can have an even greater environmental impact than switching to a renewable energy tariff, going vegan and stopping flying, combined.

“This is why we’re on a mission to empower people to invest for a more sustainable world.  GreenGrowth allows them to do just that.”