Moonstake forms strategic collaboration with escrow service Escaroo

Moonstake forms strategic collaboration with escrow service Escaroo

Moonstake have announced it has partnered with Escaroo, a keyless blockchain-based peer-to-peer escrow service that offers an advanced smart contract solution for high profile individual and commercial clients within the real-estate, aviation and marine space.

Through this strategic collaboration, Moonstake will help to enable a staking functionality for Escaroo escrow platform, providing its users a new way to control and earn with their cryptocurrencies. As a leading staking pool platform with a strong lineup of supported digital assets and hundreds of millions assets staked, Moonstake is thrilled to support yet another esteemed institution in the industry, accelerating the connection of staking to decentralized finance. Escaroo users will soon be able to earn passive income from staking within the Cardano and Tezos ecosystems.

With the goal to help people safely create and manage crypto transactions, Escaroo utilizes its proprietary, US-patented smart contracts to facilitate transactions where funds are only released when all parties are in agreement. This allows Escaroo users to maintain funds securely within a unique individually created smart contract that is irreversible once posted to the blockchain and can only be accessed by the parties involved. Transactions are hosted on a public blockchain so one, not even Escaroo, has the ability to access funds outside of the terms set by the parties involved, putting the control of funds back into the users hands.

Lawrence Lin, CEO of Moonstake said, “Investors, especially in the crypto space, are always looking for security and profitability without compromising their own convenience. We are happy to help Escaroo enable staking on their esteemed escrow platform so that Escaroo users not only can enjoy secure transactions but also earn from their idle funds on the DeFi platform of their choice. With a wide selection of PoS coins and attractive yield rates from our high-quality staking pools, we are confident that users will be pleased with their staking experience on Escaroo powered by Moonstake. By partnering with an esteemed institution, Moonstake is going strong on our journey to accelerate the growth of staking.”

“Adding staking to our platform is a natural progression for Escaroo, as it empowers our clients to put their money to work for them. They can now earn a percentage on everything they stake, thus creating a passive income stream on their investments. Being able to partner with Moonstake to bring this vision to fruition was a no brainer. With over $800 Million in assets currently being staked, it is clear Moonstake understands what’s needed to succeed in this extremely competitive world of Decentralized Finance. We are excited to be at the forefront of this brave new world of finance with them,” said Frank Pira, Founder and CEO of Escaroo.