PaymentComponents and Brillio Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Global Payments Solutions

PaymentComponents and Brillio Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Global Payments Solutions

PaymentComponents, a renowned leader in AI, payments, and open banking solutions, has announced its strategic partnership with Brillio, a top-tier global digital technology service provider. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in PaymentComponents’ vision to drive ISO 20022/CBPR+ adoption worldwide while spearheading the modernization of payments through AI/ML-powered financial messaging solutions.

By joining forces, PaymentComponents and Brillio expand Brillio’s service offerings to include the full suite of PaymentComponents products, revolutionizing the payments landscape. The comprehensive range of products includes:

aplonHUB Payments Hub: This solution empowers companies to swiftly expand into new markets and enrich their existing product portfolios with cutting-edge payment instruments. aplonHUB facilitates the seamless transformation of any ISO 20022 messaging format, simplifying financial institutions’ handling of complex requirements.

FINaplo.AI: This innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering harnesses the power of AI and ML to uncover suspicious behaviors, influential accounts, runaway clients, payment corridors, predictions, and much more. By analyzing SWIFT MT or ISO 20022 financial messages, FINaplo.AI acts as a game-changing “chatGPT for financial messages,” delivering unparalleled insights and intelligence.

Finaplo Financial messages: This comprehensive toolkit equips financial institutions with essential libraries for financial messaging. It enables real-time creation, validation, and translation of SWIFT MT, ISO 20022, SEPA, CBPR+, TARGET2, MEPS+, FedNow, P27, and BAHTNET messages, empowering institutions to meet evolving industry standards seamlessly.

aplonAPI open banking solution: Designed specifically for open banking, this award-winning API management framework enables financial institutions to securely expose APIs, enabling them to thrive in the open banking ecosystem. aplonAPI has already played a pivotal role in transforming numerous banks and financial institutions into open banking champions worldwide.

With this strategic partnership, PaymentComponents and Brillio position themselves as key players in addressing the pressing market needs for modernized payments infrastructure, ISO 20022/CBPR+ protocol adoption, and empowering banks and corporations to navigate emerging opportunities with confidence.

Together, PaymentComponents and Brillio are set to redefine the future of global payments solutions and drive unparalleled growth in the financial services industry.