PaymentComponents announces strategic partnership with Fimple

PaymentComponents announces strategic partnership with Fimple

In a significant move to further enhance the financial technology landscape, PaymentComponents, a leading global provider of payments software solutions, have announced its strategic partnership with Fimple, a renowned entity in the core banking sector.

The collaboration between these two companies aims to combine PaymentComponents’ expertise in open banking & payment solutions with Fimple’s robust core banking services, ultimately delivering a seamless, integrated experience for banks and financial institutions worldwide.

With this partnership, PaymentComponents and Fimple are set to cover the needs of banks and financial institutions in open banking. As open banking is paving the way for new and better banking services, PaymentComponents’ vast experience in PSD2 implementations are set to further enhance Fimple’s offering in this area.

This partnership will redefine the standards of financial integrations by providing a comprehensive suite of services that will bridge the gap between traditional banking and modern financial technology.

Fimple strategic alliance with PaymentComponents will also enable current and existing customers with a wider range of tools for payments also like the FINaplo.AI component for smart financial messaging handling, aplonHUB Payments Hub to modernize banks’ payment systems, ISO20022 compliance (MEPS+, SEPA, FedNow, BAHTNET and more).