truRating launches in Australia, empowering businesses to capture mass customer feedback at point-of-payment

truRating launches in Australia, empowering businesses to capture mass customer feedback at point-of-payment

Award-winning UK-based point-of-payment rating system, truRating, has officially launched in Australia, giving businesses a straightforward and cost-effective way to collect immediate feedback from their customers when they pay.

Using the payment terminal, truRating presents customers with a single feedback question, asking them to rate an aspect of their experience using a scale of 0-9 on the keypad. This gives companies a real-time, mass-market view of customer satisfaction and overall company performance on key metrics such as service, value or product selection, providing the insight they need to make changes and improvements.

The UK fintech startup has demonstrated impressive growth, with over one million ratings processed globally to date, averaging 8,000 ratings per day. Buoyed by this success, the startup has established its APAC headquarters in Sydney, with a view to capitalising on rapid growth and technology advancements in the region.

truRating CEO and Founder, Georgina Nelson, said the technology will provide a much-needed platform for Australian business owners to hear from their customers, and gain validated and immediate feedback which allows them to work smarter by making better-informed decisions and identifying the changes that will most impact their bottom line.

“Until now, there has been no straightforward system that provides merchants with validated and trusted ratings of their business, in real-time. Our vision for truRating Australia is to leverage our new technology to transform the way merchants collect feedback from their customer base to drive greater loyalty and profitability,” said Ms Nelson.

Paul Greenberg, Executive Chairman of NORA agreed that a simple method for customer feedback is what has been missing from the Australian market.

“It’s great to see that Australia’s startup economy is beginning to attract world-class entrants from leading fintech industries such as the UK. truRating is a welcome addition to our market. Its technology has the potential to give Australian consumers a real voice and transform the way merchants engage with customers,” he said.

truRating’s Australian launch follows a successful six-month pilot program with a variety of local merchants. Rolld, the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, TONI&GUY, Crisp and Jones the Grocer are amongst a number of Australian businesses who are now live with the service.

The company has also secured partnerships with some of the top-tier institutions in the payments space, including a formal partnership with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, as well as PC-EFTPOS to introduce the first iteration of their technology in Australia.

Ms Nelson said she’s thrilled that truRating has been able to partner with some of the biggest names in the Australian payments and banking industries, who “are embracing innovative solutions in order to continue to provide fantastic support to their merchant customers”.