Nayax is a global FinTech company, developing solutions for the unattended machine industry.

Nayax’s cashless payments, telemetry, management & BI solutions fits to any machine from around the globe. Established in 2005, Nayax has over 250,000 devices installed worldwide, operating in more than 50 countries and 26 currencies and offers local support and ensure that all our customers receive the highest level of service in their local region.

Attending the Unattended: Unattended machines, an unattended customer. Nayax’s line of innovative products are designed (in-house) to remotely manage the machines and bring you closer to your customer.

Nayax offers cashless and telemetry solutions including debit and credit cards, mobile, SMS, prepaid cards and NFC payment options. Point-of-sale options include swipe, contact or contactless card payment methods. Accepting virtually all forms of payment.

No need to deal with banks, credit fees, telecom payments and more. Nayax works with leading global payment processors in order to provide the best cashless services at highly competitive rates.

Function and benefits: The Nayax management & BI suite allows for online machine management, real time status reports and customized alerts for different machine events such as vend outs, low/high temperature. Advanced analytics tools provide actionable insights including the ability to forecast inventory issues based on historical data and compare products and costs while seeing growth in sales by location. Visit-to-visit reports enable smarter machine management without spending time and money on unnecessary trips.

Nayax is constantly developing innovative approaches to surpass industry expectations and create loyalty between consumers and machine operators. Nayax listens to its customers to ensure satisfaction. The development, sales and support processes are customer oriented to contribute to the company’s growth strategy.