ekko launches incentives platform to meet demands of ESG conscious employees

ekko launches incentives platform to meet demands of ESG conscious employees

London-based, award winning green fintech ekko announces unique employee engagement platform powering positive, sustainable outcomes for your teams.

Against the backdrop of the ‘Great Resignation’, employers must find new ways to address the issues that matter most to their employees. Now ekko has made this task far easier with the launch of its ekko incentives solution.

Across the world, employees are increasingly demanding that their employers respond more effectively to environmental issues. Now, through the launch of its ekko incentives solution, ekko has made this task easier than ever.

The new solution, which can be deployed in less than a week, provides employees with a recycled plastic debit card and an award winning app that calculates the carbon footprint of every purchase in real-time with nudges on how to shop more sustainably. The card plants trees and saves plastic from entering our oceans as it’s used, and every tap is carbon offset in partnership with Gold Standard. Organisations have their own bespoke dashboards showing their people’s impact, the forest they’ve planted and plastic they’ve saved, the solution also allows teams to compete on their sustainable impact and reduced carbon footprint every-day.

The timely launch will help businesses to respond to growing concerns that they are currently unaligned with their workforces regarding environmental values. In the UK, around 83% of workers believe their employers are not currently doing enough to tackle climate change. By contrast, only 11% of employees feel that their employers are responding effectively to this existential crisis, despite years of climate attention.

By enabling organisations to invite employees to join global sustainability projects, ekko incentives is going some way to quell this concern. The new solution aims to align firms of any size with the values of their employees, allowing them to quickly deploy tools that connect individuals with the environmental issues they care about in a meaningful and measurable way. In doing so, ekko incentives is helping to engender happier, and more environmentally responsible workforces.

ekko incentives represents the perfect solution for companies who want to streamline the process of making a measurable, sustainable impact at a business level and can be used by employees for personal use or to track expenses. With the solution, users can gain insights into the environmental impact of the goods they buy and offset that impact with a range of independently verified and audited carbon offset projects.

The transparent system provides an impactful tool in pursuing corporate ESG and can be used to encourage more environmentally responsible behavior in a timely and cost-effective manner. For business leaders, the solution could be put in place in a matter of days so that organisations can get on with improving their sustainability performance. As such, the new solution could be the perfect tonic for growing environmental concerns and escalating resignation rates. This is important, with 65% of employees stating they would be more likely to work for a company with robust environmental policies.

Speaking on the launch of the ekko incentives solution, the company’s co-founder and CEO, Oli Cook commented, “The environment is an emotional subject and something we feel strongly about as a society. Our mission is to empower millions of people and businesses around the world to have a positive impact on the environment around them.

“Regardless of industry, every business has an obligation to improve its impact on the planet and support their people. Our real-time, innovative solution gives your teams meaningful, measurable and tangible understanding of their impact and how to make positive steps, whilst giving business leaders the tools to engage their teams and report their impact. In doing so, the solution helps businesses on their own sustainability journeys.”

The launch of ekko incentives comes after the company’s recent announcement of a series of new unique product updates. The exciting update opened the company’s service up to employers, banks, and payment providers for the first time. Now, ekko is expected to announce the details of its expert advisory board in the coming weeks as part of its broader plans for significant company growth in 2023.