Introducing UK FinTech’s newest member – ExpenseonDemand

Introducing UK FinTech’s newest member – ExpenseonDemand

ExpenseOnDemand’s goal is to provide a cost-effective, easy to use and paperless solution for SMEs across the globe. Utilising enterprise class functionality to automate employee expense management processes whilst only charging for the functions required making it the most affordable solution for any business.

For 20+ years, ExpenseOnDemand has helped SMEs simplify their expense management process with the right tools that are geared to power finance teams with a new, faster, accurate and efficient way of managing business expenses. Empowering teams by automating all staff expenses from one connected space. The global solution offers a world-class online system for managing employee expenses and helps businesses to automate and process these in a paperless environment.

The ExpenseOnDemand app enables businesses to claim and approve expenses across all platforms, anytime, anywhere. Finance teams can easily log into the portal to make payments, transfer data and download reports. Implementation takes just a few minutes, and adding extra functions is easy to adapt and suit specific business requirements.

Use automated expense workflows and intelligent functions to process expense claims quickly and accurately. Keeping workforces happy with timely reimbursements whilst ensuring optimal tracking, statutory and corporate compliance.

Over 15,000 businesses worldwide use ExpenseOnDemand.

Expense On Demand Ltd was established in 2003 and has offices in England, Australia, India and Singapore.

From just AUD2/ CAD1.50/ EUR1/ GBP1/ INR35/ USD1 per user per month, ExpenseOnDemand is fantastic value for organisations with 4 to 4000 employees.

Would you like to become a member and be connected to the UK Fintech industry? Write to us at: [email protected]

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