Orange Bank and Mambu expand partnership to France

Orange Bank and Mambu expand partnership to France

Orange Bank today announced it will migrate to Mambu’s cloud banking platform at its head office in France based on the successful launch of Orange Bank on Mambu in Spain in 2019.

The bank leverages Mambu to manage its current account, loan and credit card products with a government-regulated savings account under development. The implementation in France signals the bank’s intention to operate a single banking platform in order to scale Europe-wide. Launched in 2017, Orange Bank offers banking solutions designed natively around customers’ mobile uses. Its digital-first ethos allows customers to autonomously perform all transactions from their mobile application, with ease and speed.

Stephane Vallois, CEO Orange Bank, said, “Innovating for customers is at the centre of our strategy, and in Mambu’s cloud banking platform, we found not only an innovative solution, but a supportive and trusted partner. We have the agility to build and launch new features with a shorter time-to-market which adds real customer value. We see cloud as a differentiator, it allows us to leverage strong data security and lower maintenance costs to grow faster, and scale globally. On Mambu we can build ground-breaking solutions that truly reinvent the banking experience, and we look forward to the future together across Europe. Based on our partnership in Spain, we were able to navigate uncharted waters during the pandemic, delivering new products while enhancing the existing ones. Always keeping the needs of a changing market in the centre of our strategy.”

Eugene Danilkis, CEO Mambu, said, “Orange Bank is a great example of how Mambu empowers companies to scale with flexibility and agility, while leveraging the cloud. Our platform was born to empower our customers to create delightful financial experiences quickly, simply and with the best of the ever-changing financial technology ecosystem. Like us, Orange was born out of non-traditional roots and embraces change with a different mindset. We are excited to support Orange in continuously designing innovative solutions as it expands its operations and reaches more and more customers with better financial experiences.”

Orange Bank is powered by Mambu and leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) native services like EKS, RDS, Elasticache, Lambda, which enables the digital bank to operate from the cloud, while supporting the rapid deployment of financial products and services. Building its core banking systems on Mambu hosted in AWS ensures Orange Bank can scale its operations and improve the banking experience for its customers across Europe.

According to Charlotte Sanderson, Head of Global FSI Technology Partnerships at AWS which hosts the bank’s services, the transition to the cloud is hitting every industry, and it all comes down to the speed advantage. “We’ve seen forward-thinking organisations such as Orange Bank are on the front foot of this next generation of banking. Offering new end-to-end digital services that engage customers and are personalised to their needs will be key to outlasting the competition.”