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Celebrate innovation that puts the customer in charge

It’s no secret that the word innovation is in vogue. It’s not just that it’s one of our prime minister’s favourite words, it’s a trend across the English-speaking world. Use of the word has grown steadily since 1943, according to Google’s database of books published from 1800 to 2008. It was used almost twice as much in 2008 as 1969, the year humans first landed on the moon, and it’s a dead cert the past eight years have been no different. But using “innovation” as a mantra doesn’t make you more innovative. Many people feel that it’s become, or becoming, a meaningless catchphrase. It’s time to reclaim it. It’s a […]


UK fund to back ThinCats Australia

ThinCats Australia has announced that UK-based alternative finance fund ESF Capital will acquire a 30 per cent stake in the peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending platform. ESF Capital will also provide $10 million in funding for loans on the platform in the first year, joining another 300 lenders on ThinCats’ panel. ThinCats Australia CEO Sunil Aranha said the injection of capital and funding by ESF will provide a significant boost to the platform as well as the many SMEs seeking loans. “The injection of capital by ESF will allow us to ramp up our operations and technology platform, lift our market presence and hire more staff to tap into the largely […]


Fintech’s advantages: financial technology revolution is a boon for investors

There are definitely a lot of exciting new opportunities for investors to get involved in FinTech. Whether its investing capital in the products that are offered by new FinTech companies or direct investment in these companies now is the time. We are starting to see more and more articles about the opportunities in main stream media and we must surely be about to reach the tipping point. In my own experience the mention of FinTech is drawing fewer and fewer blank stares today than it was even a few months ago. A ‘Financial Revolution’ is a great way to describe our current position. We would love to hear your thoughts […]


Investing opportunities in FinTech

Investment Investment in FinTech takes two directions. Firstly you can invest your funds into companies such as peer to peer lenders for them to distribute as loans. This takes the form of either direct investment for the wholesale investor or investment into managed investment schemes that administer the funds for a fixed return. Obviously as the level of management increases the returns will decrease but so too will the risk. The second approach that is starting to gain a foothold is to invest directly into the companies themselves through new ‘crowd funding’ platforms that provide you with equity for your investment. These equity raising platforms are great for anyone looking […]