Paydock is an innovative payment orchestration platform that enables digital merchants, B2B platforms and not-for-profit organisations to increase revenue and efficiency while substantially reducing costs.

Key Highlights
– Regain ownership, flexibility and control of payment systems
– Improved customer/donor experience
– Simplified payment integrations both now and into the future
– Closed compliance gaps with maximised profits across payments stack
– Elegant fail-overs should something go wrong with your provider

Started in Australia and since expanded into the UK, PayDock is the result of 11 years of analysis and working closely with merchants to identify their payment needs and opportunities within digital strategy.

For the last 3 years they’ve been forging a new type of payment service. A payment orchestration platform that lets you take payments the way you want, take advantage of new services and grow your business without being trapped.

Paydock’s roots in the impact sector means they understand the need to bring ultimate efficiency in all areas of operation while helping you tell your story in the most compelling way possible.

PayDock reduces cost, increases conversions and opens up new possibilities of customer engagement.