Verrency provides card issuers a scheme-agnostic, white-labelled, top-of-wallet service that enables them to provide their customers:

  • Full payment card & device controls
  • Top-of-wallet payment card aggregation abilities
  • The capacity to earn and spend issuer-affiliated Tier 1 loyalty program points anywhere
  • Ground-breaking anti-fraud capabilities

With Verrency, issuers can digitally enable newly issued products for immediate use by cardholders and lower their distribution costs by empowering cardholders to link all their accounts to one single payment card.

Verrency’s service sits within the existing payments network and technologies, and complements existing digital wallets, controls and fraud management solutions. They enable issuers to grow their customer base, retain existing customers and remain ‘top-of-wallet’ by permitting their customers to fully manage multiple payment cards and devices, such as wearables, in a scheme-agnostic manner.

They are working with traditional bank, non-bank and merchant issuers to bring these new capabilities and significant cost benefits, to their customers as well with issuer processors and white-label issuers to enable the delivery of these services to their issuing customers.

Verrency’s team is currently based in Singapore, London and Australia, with their technology hub located in Australia, and they are expanding rapidly into the US, Europe and Asia